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Developed for Business Management

which carry out their activity in the field of Lapideo .

The current version has been developed with Software tools that allow total integration with business processes.

  • Security in data management
  • Up-to-date administration and tax management
  • Modularity and scalability (suitable for small, medium and large companies)
  • Integration with MS Office (Word, Excel), Internet, WEB, e-mail, fax, mobile devices
  • Integration with images and electronic documents (photos, maps, PDF documents etc.)
  • User friendly interface of a professional tool
  • Multilingual, Multi-company, Multi-currency
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Management Control

Complete tool that allows you to check stocks, costs, margins in each type of Stone Company: Block extraction Semi-finished products marketing and production Design and production of finished products Own production Production for third parties.

Business process integration

M@rble R2 allows you to follow the entire business process cycle in a completely integrated way. The various application modules can be activated in successful times, guaranteeing perfect continuity and a complete parameterization to meet the different needs.

Document Management

Integrated document management allows the automatic generation of documents from a single source document and allows you to travel the entire active cycle in a dynamic and detailed way.
Customize material name, Regulatory compliance, Double taxation management, Integration with customer orders, Posthumous warehouse discharge.

The Production


The procedure involves any type of material transformation (single-blade, wire cutting, sawing, polishing, milling, production from blocks with diamond disks, etc.). During the transformation process the processing scraps are always reported and the costs of the obtained products are calculated.

Production costs

Cost and processing items can be defined by the user of the procedure. Multi-positional management and third-party processing is envisaged. Any material may be followed when moving in its warehouses or at third-party locations.

Production at subcontractors

Through the movement between locations it is possible to obtain in real time the stocks held by third parties or internal of any quality of material and also the fiscal book of "Goods being processed by third parties".

Dedicated Masks

There are input masks dedicated to the individual processes. In addition to specific functions such as sawing and wire cutting it is possible to carry out any processing of material such as polishing, sanding, resin coating, etc.

Processing lists

By defining the price lists of the work done internally or by a contractor it will be possible to take advantage of the automatic allocation of costs during sawing.

Easy cost insertion

By defining the price lists of the work done internally or by a contractor it will be possible to take advantage of the automatic allocation of costs during sawing.

Segment / Processing


Saw it is possible to specify multiple thicknesses and pastels with different sizes, indicate the sawing direction of the block and insert the specific processing measures.

Additional Cut

Assigning the costs of the extra cut to the thickness and pastel

Segment Costs

It is possible to choose whether to allocate the sawing costs per cubic meter or per square meter,

Surface work

With a specific function it is possible to quickly carry out polishing, sanding, resin treatment, etc.


In order to follow the materials through the different phases (from purchase or extraction, to internal or external production, to delivery to the customer and after-sales) the project involves the use of labels with BarCode or RFid. Each slab, Block or semi-finished product is identified by a label with unique BarCode fixed to the material

Customer Order Management

The commitment management module aims to regulate the management of the material available and committed against a customer order

Sawing and Production


With the subcontractors module it is possible to take charge of the material of the customers on which to carry out work, manage the entire production process and directly invoice the work done ..

Material in C / Processing

It is possible to upload the material received from the customers to be processed indicating the number of the client block as well as an internal recognition protocol.

Automatic Billing

Automatic generation of invoices based on the processing carried out from period to period on the customer's material.

Production by Machine

Statistics updated in real time for the production carried out by individual machines.


It is possible to specify on the delivery note of return from c / processing the possible remainder of the block with the information related to the invoicing of the performed works.

Stocks updated

It is always possible to know precisely the material that is in charge of a specific customer with reference to the handling performed.

Cost and Profit Analysis

Cost and Profit Analysis

For each material produced, purchased and / or excavated, raw material and accessory costs can be attributed (freight, transport, testing, customs charges, processing costs). This makes it possible to define exactly the total cost of the goods in stock and of each individual lot (Block, plate pastel, etc.)

Cost Entry

If you assign a cost in a time after a material that is no longer present in the warehouse as it is transformed, the procedure will take care of to subdivide the cost entered proportionately between the various materials obtained thus producing; a recalculation of the costs for the products obtained.

Online Update

The updating or entry of new transport processing costs, miscellaneous expenses etc. occurs by means of a special form that allows the management of provisional and definitive costs.

Web Form

Web Services

With the web form you can give customers the opportunity to interact directly with the company. Through access to the reserved area it will be possible to show your customers the documents that concern them (delivery note, Packing List, invoices ect.), view the stock of material present and selected, option or order the material, view the images of the desired material and other features.

Private Area

Totally manageable by M@rbleR2, it will be possible to assign a username and password to customers so that they can access the website in a safe and controlled manner.

Available Documents

The documents concerning a specific customer will be made available for consultation and download in the appropriate section of the reserved area ..

Stock view

The material you selected will be displayed on the web portal, with indications of measures, availability, prices etc.

Options and Orders

The authorized customers can order or option the material directly from the website. They will have an always updated view of the status of the orders as well as the expiration of the options.

Stock Photo

The photos associated with the material will be available for consultation directly from the website. It will be possible to download them locally for subsequent documentation or consultation.

Media and Video

New Multi Platform App

Make yourself Visible and increase your opportunities.

Secure Access Management

Accesses are managed by approval on the M@rbleR2 management system.

Commitments Management

Possibility of commitment of materials synchronized with the management system.

Photo Gallery

Photo gallery of the material. Available in HD mode.

iphone 2

Parametric Searches

Material search with parametric, corporate and multilingual filter

Material Detail

Materials List and various detail views.

Customer View

Visualization customizable by M@rbleR2 depending on the type of user.


Image Gallery

Adaptive call to the device. you can view all the photos related to the Block or the selected plate.


HD Zoom Images

Optimized for the Retina. Mode with HD button activates images and zoom in swipe mode


Easy and intuitive

Functionality of scroll images. Active slides mode in both HD and Normal Resolution.


Available for IOS and Android.

Developed and available for the most common platforms.


Version Choose the version that suits your needs

  Business Optional Modules
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Casellari and project management
Traceability management - Barcode - RFID
Business Group Integration
Workings management for third parties
Accounting Integration
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Management of third party deposits
Customer Situation Management (RIBA, Statement of Account)
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